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Nov 10, 2013 3:00pm EST
cheer not because they indoorsed the act as this might give us an opportunity, one individual said, sometimes you might have a lucky event like pearl harbor, and that to me is a pretty atrocious type of a statement. ... >> also in 2008 military historian bing west published his book, "the strongest tribe," detailing his thoughts on military strategy during the war in iraq. and jon meacham's boyle by of andrew jackson was also released that year. visit to watch programs from the last 15 years and continue watching booktv all weekend long for more nonfiction authors and books. >> you're watching booktv. coming up next, monique demery recounts the coup in south vietnam that led to the exile of the de facto first lady, madam nu, who spent many decades in seclusion. she found her in paris where the woman dubbed the dragon lady entrusts the author with her unpublished memoir withs. this is about 45 minutes. [applause] >> well, i'm glad to look out to the audience and see that, actually, there are a lot of people, i'm sure, who actually were till alive during the -- still alive
Nov 10, 2013 12:15am EST
. but this came from several sources and she used what she had to save her family. >> sex in all kind of royal courts, down to presidency, is the norm, but the fact that the french are going these parties and recording it is shocking. and that's my other question. since you're half french and you're viewing vietnam through the french lens as much as an american one, what is it that the french know about vietnam that the americans still don't? >> oh, good question. i'm not sure that that question is still true today. i think that there's a lot of know stall -- nostalgia in france -- my mother was born in 1946. so for her growing up, she grew up learning that indo-china was part of france, and feeling quite a bit of pride in that empire. and to think that -- i'm born in '76 so 30 years later, and that's totally bewillerring to me some could have assumed that. i'm not sure the question today, what did the french know or not know, it's misplaced colonial nostalgia. >> let's get back to the role of powerful women in the world. politics of the '60s. she seemed such an anomaly in a world of men, and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2